“Everyone there is amazing… They are all incredibly caring, helpful, and extremely efficient. Always have had pleasant experience & would definitely recommend it to anyone! Dr. Brown has a great bedside manner & is extremely knowledgeable.”
-Kendra O.
“This office is really ticked and tied….I never expected this level of service- in EVERY aspect.. good for you! I will be back (hopefully not too soon).”
Susan S.
“Love Dr.’s express… Much more efficient than the ER… Polite, friendly, professional, and very competent..
Thank you Dr.’s express for all you do.”
Kelly G.
“Love it…they are so nice and friendly my son was very sick and they were quick to show concern and try to help.”
-Heather S.
“Went there for an asthma attack. Compared it to going to the ER at Danbury Hospital for the same thing 2 years earlier. The services were not only faster & much less expensive but the exam was more comprehensive. The quality of care far exceeded what I received at an ER.”
-Margaret B.
“I think they are awesome! Last time I went there it took 45 minutes from the time I got out if my car to the time I was leaving the CVS drive thru with my script!”
-Elpida B.
“I was just there last weekend I got a call from them today to see how I was doing friendly staff and fast service I would recommend them ;))”
-Janet M.
“Thank you Physician’s Asst Jay Fedak and all of the super-excellent staff working on Mother’s Day for taking care of me quickly and getting me back to health! My severe cold and cough is getting better every day. All of the staff were very pleasant, attentive and caring. Simply the Best!”
-Riva S.
“Fast service .. Nice staff”
-Dana F.
“Wait was under 10 minutes. Friendly staff. Doctor was thorough. I do not have health insurance and the whole visit, including medicine, was 135$. Overall a good experience.”
-James T.
“I came in with no appointment to see if I could see a doctor for an upper respiratory infection. Not only was there almost no wait, but Dr. Brown could not have been more attentive and thorough. he took the time to have me sit and talk about my health history, and really seemed to care. Great experience!”
-Suzen P.
“Thank you to Staff. This past Thursday, July 18th 2013, it was necessary for me to visit , an urgent care facility located at 2 Main Street, Danbury CT. The treatment I received was outstanding. I waited only a short time & filled out a patient information sheet & consent form. When I was escorted to one of the examination rooms, the nurse practitioner entered within a few minutes. I explained the reason for my visit. I was immediately given two tablets of Ondansetron to calm my upset stomach. In addition to contracting a virus, I was also very dehydrated. A member of the staff personally went to nearest store to purchase ginger ale & crackers for me. I rested in a comfortable room for a couple of hours & then instructed to return home & rest. This facility was a Godsend for me. They accepted my ConnectiCare Insurance, and I paid a $20.00 co-pay. PS. They even gave my husband a snack while he was waiting for me & put on the British Open on their TV for him to watch. Thank you for being there for me Express Doctors.”
-Barbara H.


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“Last week my daughter was sent home sick from school. We ended up at twice last week, both times all the staff were very friendly and genuinely seemed to be happy to help us. The Dr. Brown was very professional and kind. The P.A. we saw two days later was just as nice and helpful. They were very knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate- which is sometimes hard to find. Thank you Tom Kelly for bringing such excellent care to Danbury!”
-Jane T. 
“I have been amazed by the professionalism and dedication from Dr. Brown and his wonderful staff, following up diligently with test results and referrals to other resources like MRI and Specialists. I plan to make them my semi Primary Care Physician, they are just that good!”
-Bob G. 
“Went to about a week or so ago and it was an awesome experience! As soon as I walked in the door, a friendly and helpful staff greeted me right away. The building looked very modern which is very consistent with the rest of their facility as all the equipment looked very new and modern also. I waited less than 15 minutes before I saw Dr.Brown. Dr.Brown was very good at explaining all the details of my condition from beginning to end and that is something I really liked about him. He was very personal with me and it just made the whole process that much better. I would definitely recommend to everyone who needs quick and great care! Not to mention, you will spend so much less at compared to going to the emergency room!”
-Sammy L.