Is it too Late to get my Flu Shot?

There is never a wrong time to get the flu shot. With flu season beginning soon, the best time to receive a flu shot is by the end of October. The sooner you receive your flu shots, the less chance there is to spread the virus to others. The CDC estimates that up to 56 million people had the flu in the 2019 to 2020 season. With COVID-19 being on the top of everyone’s mind, it’s essential to control the spread in as many ways as possible to avoid overcrowding at hospitals. Come to one of our locations today to receive your flu shot.

Who Should Get the Flu Shot?

Anyone who is over six months of age should receive their flu shot. Those at higher risk of complications, such as the elderly or infants over six months, should especially receive one. Anyone who works with these groups or is around them frequently should receive their flu shot to protect them. The flu vaccine is safe for pregnant women, those with other health conditions, and most individuals with egg allergies.

If you have had an allergic reaction to flu shots in the past, you can speak with one of our physicians to determine the best flu shot type. Infants under six months old can not receive their flu shot but should continue to be protected from anyone who is sick. If you have an active case of COVID-19, you should continue to quarantine until the incubation period is over before receiving a flu shot. This will help keep our providers out of any unnecessary harm.

Why Should I Get the Flu Shot?

There are many different types of flu vaccinations that protect against the four strains of the flu. Depending on someone’s age or immune response, our providers will recommend the best kind of vaccination to get. The flu shot is your best chance at protecting yourself from the flu. In the event that you still get the flu even after receiving the shot, your symptoms are likely to be much less severe than they would have been. The flu shot is also the best way to help prevent others from getting sick. This will decrease the chance of overcrowding at hospitals and can help keep the frontline workers safe.

There are many reasons to receive a flu shot, but the most important one is that it is the best chance at keeping you and your family safe. Call one of our locations to find out more information, or visit us to receive your flu shot today.