Flu Vaccines and COVID-19: Preparing for the Twindemic 2020/2021 Flu Season

Flu season 2020/2021 is approaching and it’s time to get your annual flu shot. This year we have new updates to the flu vaccines so that we all can prevent coming down with it. 

The hope is that by eliminating the chance of contracting flu we can rule it out when trying to diagnose COVID-19. 

Symptoms for both viruses can often overlap. AFC Urgent Care Danbury is now offering the quadrivalent flu vaccine and we will continue to update everyone on flu vaccines and COVID-19 so that you can prepare for the 2020/2021 flu season.

Why is it important to get the flu vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We’re still living with COVID-19. We anticipate a tough winter, and we still need to be careful. Schools have just begun and while some have delays, this is the perfect opportunity to get the flu vaccine because kids are the most common spreaders of the flu. If they can spread flu, they could also come home and spread COVID-19 as well. 

In addition to this, there are also people still traveling. We update our list of “hot states” weekly for Connecticut’s travel advisory and what we have noticed is that some states in the U.S appear on the list more than once. It’s very inconsistent and if you stay longer than 24 hours in another location with a high count of COVID-19 cases, then you’re putting a lot of people at risk for COVID-19 and possibly the Flu.

So, why get the flu vaccine during the pandemic? Because if you get both it will be hard to diagnose and treat. Research has shown that you can get both concurrently, and just like earlier this year, the virus may lead to more serious respiratory cases like pneumonia. Getting the flu vaccine in 2020 will help rule out the flu when trying to diagnose COVID-19. 

What’s new about the 2020 flu vaccines and when should I get mine?

Flu vaccines are made months in advance to combat possible strains during the flu season. As scientists and researchers planned ahead they made some new updates to the flu vaccines to better prepare for the flu season this year. Here is the updated list from the CDC.

AFC Urgent Care Danbury offers the quadrivalent flu vaccine. We suggest that anyone over the age of 6 months get it this year. 


The CDC also mentions that you should get vaccinated in September or October, before the start of the Flu season.

*Remember: When you get the flu vaccine, you are not only protecting yourself against illness, but you are protecting everyone around you.

Infants younger than 6 months don’t have the immune systems strong enough to get vaccinated or to fight off the flu. Make sure that everyone in your family gets a flu shot so that you can protect your newborns. The same thing also applies to the elderly. Get vaccinated to help protect your grandparents too!

AFC Urgent Care Danbury offers the quadrivalent flu vaccine

AFC Urgent Care Danbury is now offering the quadrivalent flu shot 7 days a week to help avoid the possible “twindemic”. If you are worried about the flu season or COVID-19, AFC TeleCare is STILL an option for you to schedule an appointment and seek guidance from one of our providers about health and safety. You can also come to any of our centers anytime, no appointment necessary. We are located at 2 Main Street, 100 Mill Plain Road, and  76c Newtown Road in Danbury. All our locations are open 7 days a week and ready to treat you. Our staff is fully equipped with PPE gear so that you feel safe with us. We take the extra precautions to clean and properly evaluate you for any illnesses. In addition to flu shots, we also offer COVID-19 testing 7 days a week. COVID-19 testing for the active virus is streamlined from your car. You don’t have to worry about coming for test results, a flu vaccine or standing next to someone who may potentially be positive for COVID-19. We make it easy and we keep you safe.

We also offer the antibody test for COVID-19 antibodies. You do have to come inside for the blood draw, but we make sure to properly clean our rooms and evaluate you outside before coming into our center. 

*Stay tuned for the ABBOT rapid test that will offer everyone a quick way to get tested and receive results for COVID-19.

Join AFC Urgent Care in “One Nation FREE FROM THE FLU”. Together we can stop the spread of the Flu-One Flu shot at a time. Our priority is to keep you, your family and our community healthy.