Top 4 Reasons to Get Your Cholesterol Checked

September is National Cholesterol Education Month: time to think about you and your loved ones physical health! Specifically, it’s time to get your cholesterol levels checked and to learn more about ways to manage them if they are too high. Getting your cholesterol levels checked is more than just getting needles poked into you and reporting the numbers. For some, monitoring their cholesterol levels can save their life knowing that they can reduce the chances of getting heart disease, the number one leading cause of death. If you haven’t gotten blood work in a while, then it’s time to go to your doctor for new updated blood work.  Here are the top 4 reasons to get your cholesterol checked:

     1. High cholesterol can lead to scary health risks

Heart disease is the number one leading causes of death in the United States. The three main risk factors for heart disease are high blood pressure, smoking and high cholesterol. According to the CDC, about 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. Besides high cholesterol, other medical conditions that can lead to heart disease are: 

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Physical inactivity
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

     2. My cholesterol levels may be too high

Let’s set the record straight. There are no symptoms for high cholesterol. Many people don’t know that their cholesterol is too high, but with a simple blood test it can help more than you know. Important fact: Cholesterol levels can be good or bad. What you need to look out for is your HDL and LDL levels. LDL is your “bad” cholesterol that can build plaque in your arteries if you have high levels of it. HDL are considered the “good” cholesterol. They help absorb the bad  cholesterol and flushes it out through the liver. Low levels of HDL would equate to a harder time to pass cholesterol through your arteries.

     3. If your cholesterol levels are bad you have professional help right there in front of you

Getting blood work for your cholesterol is the first step to making sure that your levels are healthy. When the results come back,  your doctor will explain to you valuable information that you can’t get elsewhere about what your cholesterol levels mean. They can then discuss treatment options if your numbers are not where they should be. Medical professionals can help guide you so that you can take control of your lifestyle and do something about lowering your LDL and triglycerides 

     4. You can help save a loved one

As we age so does the risk of getting heart disease. Men are more likely to have higher levels of LDL(BAD) cholesterol versus HDL(GOOD) levels. Your husband, dad or grandfather may be at risk for heart disease, heart attacks and strokes at later ages. This is because they have higher LDL levels than HDL levels. Even high levels of HDL does not help prevent the development of heart disease. Managing ones lifestyle choices, behavior and going to the doctor can help prevent them from getting it. Get your husband, grandfather or dad to get their cholesterol checked more often. They’ll thank you.

Get your cholesterol checked at any of our AFC Urgent Care Danbury Centers

If you are not sure about the last time you visited your doctor for your cholesterol, we have you covered. At AFC Urgent Care Danbury we will not only check your cholesterol levels but will help answer any questions about your cholesterol and what you can do to get your levels to an optimal range. You can walk right in, with no appointment necessary, to any of our Danbury walk-in clinics. We are located at 2 Main Street, 100 Mill Plain Road, and  76c Newtown Road.  We accept most insurances  and all 3 of our Danbury urgent care centers are open 7 days a week, ready to treat you.