Top Reasons To Get Your Immunizations For Elementary School and College

We care for our families and we want them to be well. The only way to truly eliminate fears of infection and disease is to keep vaccinating. Many of us tend to be hesitant on getting immunizations, as it can be hard to trust what we see on the news. Most of us who have connections to the internet don’t realize the misconceptions found on unreliable sources that are often “we said, they said”. But, don’t make the same mistake this year. We got you covered on factual and relevant information on the top reasons to get your immunizations for elementary school and college in 2019.

Immunizations are required for school 

Depending on age, location, job and lifestyle everyone needs different vaccinations. We all have a different vaccine schedule to follow that helps build our immune systems to fight off against diseases that can pose a potential harm to our health. 

Why do we need immunizations for school? 

For decades, all 50 states have required that parents vaccinate their children against various diseases, including meningitis and measles, as a prerequisite before the school season starts. The reason states do this is because they want to protect everyone from potential illnesses that may spread among large groups. If your child is going away to school, which normally is reasons-to-renew-your-immunizations-for-elementary-school-and-college-in-2019populated with thousands of kids, then getting them the right vaccinations can help reduce the chances of anything spreading on campus. It is also beneficial for kids to get them when playing sports to prevent chances of infection when having physical contact on the fields or courts.
Immunizations Required For Incoming College Students:
Have a child bound for college? Make sure you check with the particular school he/she is attending to find out their immunization requirements as they often differ slightly. 
The following are the most frequent vaccinations required by most colleges and universities:

  • Meningitis 
  • Hepatitis B
  • Influenza
  • Tetanus 
  • Diphtheria 
  • Pertussis

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