2019 Spring Break Travel Vaccines

Can you believe Spring Break is right around the corner? While you’re prepping to travel by finding a dog sitter and alerting the post office, we’re here to make sure you and your family are properly vaccinated, and won’t wind up contracting a serious illness if you plan on traveling overseas. From Urgent Care Danbury, here is your guide to 2019 spring break travel vaccines.

How to prepare for your spring break travel vaccines

Plan ahead! You’ll need to make sure you have some things in order:

  • Locate your immunization records to see what travel vaccinations you are already up to date on. You may need to check with your parents, doctor or state health department for your records. Also, it’s recommended to bring your records on your visit. We do not require an appointment at any of our Danbury AFC Urgent Care Centers.
  • Schedule early (4-6 weeks before departure)
  •  (Not sure if you’ve heard- but measles has made a comeback in a number of countries- ours included- and it’s nothing to mess around with) 
  • There is considerable demand for travel vaccines, especially before peak travel times (December, before Spring Break, April and May)
  • All immunizations take two weeks to reach optimum effectiveness, and some are given in a series of steps.

Most common travel vaccines

Before visiting certain countries, international travel regulations require travelers to receive different vaccinations prior to arriving. For instance, a Yellow Fever vaccination is required in order to travel to South America or parts of Southern Africa. Consult with a medial professional on which travel vaccines are right for you!

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