Immigration Physicals Expedited at AFC Urgent Care Danbury

immigration-physicals-afc-urgent-care-danburyFor those entering the country and working towards citizenship, it can often be a daunting and confusing process.  AFC Urgent Care Danbury is now making that process a little less overwhelming by offering a streamlined, affordable and convenient immigration physical process to the often complex process of the health care component of the immigration (green card) process.

Because both Drs. Iftikhar Ali and Evangeline Specht are UCSIS Civilimmigration-physicals Surgeon Certified, the road has been paved the way for the walk- in urgent care centers to meet the needs of the large numbers of incoming immigration population who enter both the Greater Danbury and Greater Hartford area by offering comprehensive immigration/ green card physicals. These are available at both of our Danbury locations as well as our West Hartford and New Britain walk in centers.

People applying for a green card are now able to utilize our centers for the entire healthcare process, rather than the former process of having to go through multiple steps in various locations.

Owner Tom Kelly  is especially excited about this.

“In choosing our locations we studied the demographics of the area and researched the needs of the population of Danbury, Hartford and surrounding communities.  Through that process we identified that the health care elements of immigration can be cumbersome and in our effort to better serve the entire community it was important for us to achieve this designation and help streamline this process.  Many of our staff members, myself included, are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants.  We are particularly sensitive to the magnitude of this process and the effect it has on the lives of immigrants and the generations who follow them.  We are honored to be able to help folks through this early stage of the process.”

All of our urgent care centers employ many bi and tri-lingual staff members and providers, many of whom have gone through the immigration process themselves, who can vouch for the often frustrating and confusing paperwork and procedures. They are there to help as well, and at the end of the physical each patient is given a small American flag to celebrate with them.

States Dr. Ali:  “Our centers purposefully hire staff members who are not only well equipped to work with the immigrant population, but who also understand the emotional component of naturalization. It brings all of us great satisfaction to help educate them and navigate this piece of their journey. “

Every patient who comes to us for their immigration physical is given a warm welcome, an American flag pin and a big smile.  We like to make a big deal of it,” says Kelly.

As well as immigration services,  AFC Urgent Care also provides travel medicine services to all patients. Our board certified providers sit down with travelers preparing to travel abroad, and review their travel itinerary. They recommend necessary vaccines as well as offer tips to staying healthy abroad. Our providers can also prescribe Anti-Malarial, Anti-Diarrheal, and motion sickness medicines for use while traveling.

Registering online  or calling first to set up an appointment for an immigration physical is recommended to ensure being seen by a certified civil surgeon.