6 Tips to Prevent Spring Sports Injuries

spring-sports-injury-preventionSpring sports have begun! We want to give you some tips to avoiding injuries this season for both you and your children:

6 Tips to Prevent Spring Sports Injuries:

1) Get a sports physical: While usually required, even if they are not, it is a good idea to receive a physical to screen for any possible issues or potential injury risks. You can do that with no appointment here at AFC Urgent Care Danbury.

2) Always warm up: Do not jump right into a sport. Work up to it with moderate activity. Before a game or practice, make sure to warm up and stretch your muscles to prevent injury as well.

3) Warm down! Just as important as warming up, bring your heart rate down slowly, and always stretch after your practice or game. We want you to be able to walk the next day!

3) Drink plenty of fluids: Prevent injuries by staying hydrated. A dehydrated body is both fatigue and injury prone. Plain water or an electrolyte beverage is the best, and stay away from carbonated drinks.

4) Maintain a healthy diet: A healthy diet, loaded with plenty of lean proteins and simple carbohydrates, both prior to and after a workout is important to maintaining your strength and energy. Always try to eat a healthy breakfast  ( not pPop Tarts!), and avoid eating a few hours before practice or a game to prevent digestive issues.

5) Wear sunscreen: Most spring sports are out of doors. We often forget to keep ourselves and our kids protected from the sun.  Believe me, they won’t think of it on their own. So keep a bottle of a good sunscreen SPF 30 or above in their backpacks and remind them to apply it prior to their practices.

6)Playing lacrosse? Wear protective gear. It varies from team to team, and by gender, but at the very least, all players should be wearing a mouthguard. More info here for what lacrosse gear is usually expected

If you sustain an injuries this season, visit AFC Urgent Care in Danbury CT at either of our 2 locations:at 2 Main St  or 100 Mill Plain Road in Danbury CT, or call 203-826-2140. We are a walk-in urgent care center which can treat your non-life threatening injuries.