California Measles Outbreak Leads to Vaccine talk

Another measles outbreak, this time hitting California’s Disneyland, has hit the U.S. and measles are spreading like wildfire.

Our own Dr. Thomas Brown  offers helpful information on how and why measles, which we in Connecticut thought we’d eliminated by a highly successful campaign of MMR vaccinations, continues to re-emerge in the U.S. even as MMR ( measles, mumps, rubella) immunizations are as common as the common cold.

Spread through the air, measles is highly contagious.
Although thought to have been brought into the country from overseas, in California the airborne virus is spreading rapidly, it is thought, due to the large population of anti-vaccine advocates in that state. The MMR vaccine controversy is stronger than ever.

Measles symptoms can include bright red eyes, runny nose, fever and rash that often starts at the hairline or on the soles of the feet.
For anyone exposed to the measles, it’s important to get the MMR immunization in the first 72 hours of exposure. After that, a more intense treatment. is necessary.

Measles can be quite dangerous to certain immune compromised people and pregnant women, which is why the medical community, and here at Danbury, stresses the importance of immunizations.